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Sweet Meadows Series
Big Hair and Flying Cows
















Book #1
Big Hair and Flying Cows

Bertie Byrd is unique. To say the least.

She calls Sweet Meadow, Georgia, home, where she works for her father doing auto repairs. She also drives the tow-truck, although Sweet Meadow's rather colorful denizens tend to treat Bertie more like the local, free taxi service. You know, someone has to get to a doctor's appointment or pick something up at the dry cleaners.

Bertie's favorite day of the week is Friday, when she leaves the wrecker with her father for the whole weekend and joins her friends at the Dew Drop Inn for a night of dancing. Her best friend, Mary Lou, sometimes fixes her up with dubious dates, although Bertie has to remind her friend not to tease her hair too high for those occasions. Like the time when they went to Carrie Sue's open house, and a ceramic cow with angel wings hanging from a ceiling fan locked its hooves into Bertie's big hair and refused to let go. She had to wear it all night, dangling chain and all.

Bertie's nearly perfect life is about to take a downhill turn, however. It starts when her landlord, Pete, currently a resident in a nearby nursing home, starts showing up at her house. In his birthday suit. A very badly wrinkled birthday suit. And then she goes to her mailbox, a rubber large mouth bass, and finds a notice from the zoning commission saying she can no longer park the wrecker in her driveway. The notice is signed by George Bigham. But when she goes to the courthouse to take care of her little problem, it is only to discover George Bigham is deceased. And Mary Lou's pregnancy test just came up positive. Can it get any worse?
In a word... yes.


"... her (WILSON'S) debut novel is an affectionate chronicle of one woman's discovery that commitment, support and trust are closer than she thought."

- Publishers Weekly

"Ms. Wilson's debut effort is amazing! ... I highly recommend that you run, not walk to your nearest bookseller to pick up "Big Hair and Flying Cows."

- Kristi Ahlers, Independent Reviewer

"Cows do truly fly and hair piles up bigger and bigger in Dolores Wilson's hilariously unique Southern neighborhood ... 'Tis a sweet story that sweetens the heart and the funny bone - wonderfully. Bless your heart, Dolores! And your typewriter!"

 - Darlene H. Eaton-- Award Winning Author of "The Osceola Community Club"

 "Open Big Hair and Flying Cows to any page, any paragraph, or any sentence... I dare you not to laugh. Southern humor at its best! Dolores J Wilson's rich, delightful voice fills the pages of this debut novel. "Filled with vivid, enchanting characters, laugh-out-loud situations, and even a few poignant, emotional moments, Big Hair and Flying Cows makes you glad you're not Bertie and thrilled that she came alive in Dolores Wilson's imagination."

- Romance Novels Resource Center


Bertie Series available now from Salt Run Publishing

ISBN# 1932815171
ISBN# 9781932815177

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