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Sweet Meadows Series
Jail Bertie and the Peanut Ladies














Book #3
Jail Bertie and the Peanut Ladies

Bertie is at it again.

It starts when she wants a traffic light at a dangerous intersection. But because the purchase of an automatic traffic counter would cut into the city council's Christmas party fund, Bertie is forced to count each car personally and present a report. Then Bertie, in her inimitable fashion, gets into it with one of the council members. When he dies of a heart attack, she's accused of causing it. Goaded into running for the now-open position, an unlikely political career is launched. That's not all.

She finds herself running against Booger Bailey, he of barking goat fame. That's going to be interesting. Who, for instance, is the mysterious donor financing his campaign?

And then there's the two octogenarians who talk Bertie into backing them in a business venture: street vending their boiled peanuts. But what are they really up to?

Seemingly insignificant events once again twist Bertie's life into a series of improbable, and hilarious, misadventures. Because Bertie is off … and running.


"Two words that describe this book: wacky and wonderful. Bertie has charm and wit to spare, but it's her two octogenarian friends, Mavis and Millie, who steal the show with their crazy antics. Wilson is definitely an author to add to your must-read list."

- Romantic Times Magazine

Bertie is at her delightful best as she tries to do what she believes is right for her town. Although the lighthearted story line amusingly focuses on small town living in rural Georgia where a debate over a traffic light can become extremely heated and lethal, Bertie owns the tale. Readers will appreciate Bertie's latest antics and escapades as she drives everyone around her to distraction in her latest romp (see BIG HAIR AND FLYING COWS).

- Harriet Klausner

"This makes for enjoyable light reading. The characters are hilarious. We ranked it four hearts."

- Heartland Reviews

"The cast of characters and the small town feel of the story will have readers kicking off their shoes and getting comfortable. These pages jiggle with a hearty helping of humor, as Bertie goes from one predicament to the next. The residents of this town are priceless, especially a pair of octogenarians who grab all the gusto they can get. Quips and quirky characters combine for some truly funny moments, which makes this novel a delight."

- In the Library Reviews


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