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Flight to Freedom
Flight to Freedom














I killed my husband, a town hero, and then called the police and turned myself in. "He's dead as a doornail," I said to the officer and then spit on Harland Jeffers' bloody, dead body.

With my head held high, I allowed myself to be escorted to a squad car outside my house. A house which had been more of a prison than the cell I was headed for.

Cameras flashed.

"Why did you kill Harland?"

Because he needed killing. And I, Montana Ines Parsons-Jeffers did just that.

So begins the rest of what's left of Montana's life. Not that she ever really had one.  Now she's headed for prison. There's no escaping it. It was the ultimate destination in her Flight to Freedom.

But one man might be able to help . . .

ISBN# 1933836377
ISBN# 9781933836379


"This book is captivating from the first shocking sentence. Wilson uses the first-person perspective to breathe life into the character of Montana. Her stories of abuse are so startlingly descriptive, the reader will forget this is a work of fiction. This is a beautifully written book on a very ugly subject."

- 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick, Romantic Times, Barb Anderson

"A bold, brave, and unstinting look at the comprehensive complexities of abuse. With brutal honesty, sensitivity, and astute insight that offers relationship benefits to all men and women, D.J. Wilson creates a powerhouse novel. Flight to Freedom should be required reading."

- Vicki Hinze, Ph.D.

"A compelling read of one woman's fight for survival."

- Carla Cassidy, award-winning author, Paint It Back

"D.J. Wilson’s Flight to Freedom plumbs the depths of despair and suffering, but it is also a celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit and, more importantly, of the healing power of love."

- RITA Award winner Gayle Wilson



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